Joanne Chory


Affiliation: The Salk Institute
Country: USA


  1. Bürger M, Mashiguchi K, Lee H, Nakano M, Takemoto K, Seto Y, et al. Structural Basis of Karrikin and Non-natural Strigolactone Perception in Physcomitrella patens. Cell Rep. 2019;26:855-865.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..We have identified protein clades that specifically perceive the karrikin KAR1 and the non-natural strigolactone isomer (-)-5-deoxystrigol in a highly stereoselective manner. ..
  2. Kaiserli E, Páldi K, O Donnell L, Batalov O, Pedmale U, Nusinow D, et al. Integration of Light and Photoperiodic Signaling in Transcriptional Nuclear Foci. Dev Cell. 2015;35:311-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings signify a unique transcriptional regulatory role to the highly enigmatic plant nuclear photobodies, where TZP directly activates FT gene expression and promotes flowering. ..
  3. request reprint
    Belkhadir Y, Chory J. Brassinosteroid signaling: a paradigm for steroid hormone signaling from the cell surface. Science. 2006;314:1410-1 pubmed
    ..BRs bind a small family of leucine-rich repeat receptor kinases at the cell surface, thereby initiating an intracellular signal transduction cascade that results in the altered expression of hundreds of genes. ..
  4. Bürger M, Willige B, Chory J. A hydrophobic anchor mechanism defines a deacetylase family that suppresses host response against YopJ effectors. Nat Commun. 2017;8:2201 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, we found that SOBER1's biological function is not restricted to Arabidopsis thaliana and not limited to suppress HR induced by AvrBsT. ..
  5. Woodson J, Joens M, Sinson A, Gilkerson J, Salomé P, Weigel D, et al. Ubiquitin facilitates a quality-control pathway that removes damaged chloroplasts. Science. 2015;350:450-4 pubmed publisher
    ..pub4-6 mutants had defects in stress adaptation and longevity. Thus, we have identified a signal that leads to the targeted removal of ROS-overproducing chloroplasts. ..
  6. Pedmale U, Huang S, Zander M, Cole B, Hetzel J, Ljung K, et al. Cryptochromes Interact Directly with PIFs to Control Plant Growth in Limiting Blue Light. Cell. 2016;164:233-245 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicate that CRYs signal by modulating PIF activity genome wide and that these factors integrate binding of different plant photoreceptors to facilitate growth changes under different light conditions. ..