Robert E Braun


Affiliation: The Jackson Laboratory
Country: USA


  1. Gu T, Gatti D, Srivastava A, Snyder E, Raghupathy N, Simecek P, et al. Genetic Architectures of Quantitative Variation in RNA Editing Pathways. Genetics. 2016;202:787-98 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicate that RNA editing is a quantitative trait subject to genetic variation and that evolutionary constraints have given rise to distinct genetic architectures in the two canonical types of RNA editing. ..
  2. Sharma M, Braun R. Cyclical expression of GDNF is required for spermatogonial stem cell homeostasis. Development. 2018;145: pubmed publisher
  3. Pullagura S, Buaas B, Gray N, Krening L, Srivastava A, Braun R. Functional Redundancy of DICER Cofactors TARBP2 and PRKRA During Murine Embryogenesis Does Not Involve miRNA Biogenesis. Genetics. 2018;208:1513-1522 pubmed publisher