Himanshu Garg


Affiliation: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Country: USA


  1. Garg H, Sedano M, Plata G, Punke E, Joshi A. Development of Virus-Like-Particle Vaccine and Reporter Assay for Zika Virus. J Virol. 2017;91: pubmed publisher
    ..Our VLP-based platform provides a source for a ZIKV vaccine and diagnosis that can rapidly be adapted to current outbreaks. ..
  2. Joshi A, Punke E, Mehmetoglu Gurbuz T, Peralta D, Garg H. TLR9 polymorphism correlates with immune activation, CD4 decline and plasma IP10 levels in HIV patients. BMC Infect Dis. 2019;19:56 pubmed publisher
    ..TLR9 stimulation by viral CpG DNA may be important to HIV immunopathogenesis and the TLR9 polymorphisms 1635A/G and 1486C/T may be associated with disease progression. ..
  3. Garg H, Mehmetoglu Gurbuz T, Joshi A. Recent Advances in Zika Virus Vaccines. Viruses. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..This review will discuss these recent advances in the field of Zika vaccine development. ..
  4. Garg H, Joshi A, Ye C, Shankar P, Manjunath N. Single amino acid change in gp41 region of HIV-1 alters bystander apoptosis and CD4 decline in humanized mice. Virol J. 2011;8:34 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that Env fusion activity is one of the determinants of HIV pathogenesis and it may be possible to attenuate HIV by targeting gp41. ..
  5. Garg H, Mohl J, Joshi A. HIV-1 induced bystander apoptosis. Viruses. 2012;4:3020-43 pubmed publisher
  6. Joshi A, Sedano M, Beauchamp B, Punke E, Mulla Z, Meza A, et al. HIV-1 Env Glycoprotein Phenotype along with Immune Activation Determines CD4 T Cell Loss in HIV Patients. J Immunol. 2016;196:1768-79 pubmed publisher
    ..However, coculture of normal PBMCs with Env-expressing cells resulted in selective CD4 loss that was significantly enhanced by IA. Our study demonstrates that AIP of HIV-1 Env and IA collectively determine CD4 loss in HIV infection. ..
  7. Joshi A, Punke E, Sedano M, Beauchamp B, Patel R, Hossenlopp C, et al. CCR5 promoter activity correlates with HIV disease progression by regulating CCR5 cell surface expression and CD4 T cell apoptosis. Sci Rep. 2017;7:232 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, assigning CRPAs to each patient is a new method of translating genotype to phenotype. ..
  8. Garg H, Joshi A. Host and Viral Factors in HIV-Mediated Bystander Apoptosis. Viruses. 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..This review explores the complex role of various host and viral factors in determining HIV mediated bystander apoptosis. ..
  9. Joshi A, Cox E, Sedano M, Punke E, Lee R, Maurer Stroh S, et al. HIV-1 subtype CRF01_AE and B differ in utilization of low levels of CCR5, Maraviroc susceptibility and potential N-glycosylation sites. Virology. 2017;512:222-233 pubmed publisher
    ..CRF01_AE differs from B subtype in terms of CCR5 usage and Maraviroc susceptibility which may have implications for HIV pathogenesis and virus evolution. ..