Anthony G Garza


Affiliation: Syracuse University
Country: USA


  1. Sarwar Z, Garza A. Two-Component Signal Transduction Systems That Regulate the Temporal and Spatial Expression of Myxococcus xanthus Sporulation Genes. J Bacteriol. 2015;198:377-85 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we summarize the research on a complex two-component system (Esp) that is important for the spatial regulation of sporulation. ..
  2. Diodati M, Ossa F, Caberoy N, Jose I, Hiraiwa W, Igo M, et al. Nla18, a key regulatory protein required for normal growth and development of Myxococcus xanthus. J Bacteriol. 2006;188:1733-43 pubmed
    ..Our data are consistent with a model in which Nla18 controls vegetative growth and development by activating the expression of genes involved in gene regulation, translation, and membrane structure. ..
  3. Giglio K, Zhu C, Klunder C, Kummer S, Garza A. The enhancer binding protein Nla6 regulates developmental genes that are important for Myxococcus xanthus sporulation. J Bacteriol. 2015;197:1276-87 pubmed publisher
    ..xanthus biofilms. ..
  4. Lemon D, Schutzman D, Garza A. Bacterial Surface Spreading Is More Efficient on Nematically Aligned Polysaccharide Substrates. J Bacteriol. 2018;200: pubmed publisher
    ..Namely, one bacterial species was able to use its strong polymertropism response to escape from and survive competition with another species that normally outcompetes it. ..
  5. Lemon D, Yang X, Srivastava P, Luk Y, Garza A. Polymertropism of rod-shaped bacteria: movement along aligned polysaccharide fibers. Sci Rep. 2017;7:7643 pubmed publisher
    ..This behavior might be a common property of bacteria, as many biofilm-forming bacteria that are rod-shaped and motile on soft surfaces exhibit polymertropism. ..