Research Topics



Affiliation: Stanford University
Country: USA


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    Tuljapurkar S, Horvitz C, Pascarella J. The many growth rates and elasticities of populations in random environments. Am Nat. 2003;162:489-502 pubmed
    ..We argue that a fundamental tool for studying selection pressures in varying environments is the response of growth rate to vital rates in all habitat states...
  2. Tuljapurkar S, EDWARDS R. Variance in Death and Its Implications for Modeling and Forecasting Mortality. Demogr Res. 2011;24:497-526 pubmed
    ..In particular, we examine how the assumption of proportional hazards fails to account adequately for differences in subgroup variance, and we discuss how several common forecasting models treat the variance along the temporal dimension. ..
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    Tuljapurkar S, Horvitz C. From stage to age in variable environments: life expectancy and survivorship. Ecology. 2006;87:1497-509 pubmed
    ..This paper complements existing methods for time-invariant stage-based data, and adds to the information on population growth and dynamics available from stochastic demography...