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Genomes and Genes


Neelum T Aggarwal


Affiliation: Rush University Medical Center
Country: USA


  1. Aggarwal N, Wilson R, Bienias J, De Jager P, Bennett D, Evans D, et al. The association of magnetic resonance imaging measures with cognitive function in a biracial population sample. Arch Neurol. 2010;67:475-82 pubmed publisher
    ..These associations did not affect all cognitive domains equally but were more consistent with impairments in perceptual speed. ..
  2. Aggarwal N, Wilson R, Beck T, Bienias J, Berry Kravis E, Bennett D. The apolipoprotein E epsilon4 allele and incident Alzheimer's disease in persons with mild cognitive impairment. Neurocase. 2005;11:3-7 pubmed
    ..02, 2.63). There was a marginally significant reduction in the effect of epsilon4 in older compared to younger participants (p=.053). The results suggest that possession of an epsilon4 allele does increase risk of AD in persons with MCI. ..