Heather E Danysh


Affiliation: RTI International
Country: USA


  1. Puli O, Danysh B, McBeath E, Sinha D, Hoang N, Powell R, et al. The Transcription Factor ETV5 Mediates BRAFV600E-Induced Proliferation and TWIST1 Expression in Papillary Thyroid Cancer Cells. Neoplasia. 2018;20:1121-1134 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased ETV5 expression could therefore be considered as a marker for advanced PTCs and a possible future therapeutic target. ..
  2. Kumar S, Lupo P, Pompeii L, Danysh H. Maternal Residential Proximity to Major Roadways and Pediatric Embryonal Tumors in Offspring. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2018;15: pubmed publisher
    ..57, 95% CI: 1.28, 5.15, for every kilometer closer the mother lived to the nearest major roadway). These findings contribute to the growing evidence that traffic-related air pollution may increase risk for certain pediatric tumors. ..