B B Ward


Affiliation: Princeton University
Country: USA


  1. Ward B, Devol A, Rich J, Chang B, Bulow S, Naik H, et al. Denitrification as the dominant nitrogen loss process in the Arabian Sea. Nature. 2009;461:78-81 pubmed publisher
    ..The large contribution of denitrification to N(2) loss in the Arabian Sea indicates the global significance of denitrification to the oceanic nitrogen budget. ..
  2. Ward B, Rees A, Somerfield P, Joint I. Linking phytoplankton community composition to seasonal changes in f-ratio. ISME J. 2011;5:1759-70 pubmed publisher
  3. Zhang E, Huang S, Ji Q, Silvernagel M, Wang Y, Ward B, et al. Nitric oxide isotopic analyzer based on a compact dual-modulation Faraday rotation spectrometer. Sensors (Basel). 2015;15:25992-6008 pubmed publisher
    ..For 5 μmol potassium nitrate samples, the instrument consistently yields ratiometric precision below 0.3‰, thus demonstrating potential as an in situ diagnostic tool for environmental nitrogen cycle studies. ..
  4. Ward B. Oceans. How nitrogen is lost. Science. 2013;341:352-3 pubmed publisher
  5. Ward B, Martino D, Diaz M, Joye S. Analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria from hypersaline Mono Lake, California, on the basis of 16S rRNA sequences. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2000;66:2873-81 pubmed
    ..Primers specific for Nitrosococcus oceanus, a marine ammonia-oxidizing bacterium in the gamma subdivision of the Proteobacteria, did not amplify target from any samples. ..
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    Ward B, Eveillard D, Kirshtein J, Nelson J, Voytek M, Jackson G. Ammonia-oxidizing bacterial community composition in estuarine and oceanic environments assessed using a functional gene microarray. Environ Microbiol. 2007;9:2522-38 pubmed