D M Sigman


Affiliation: Princeton University
Country: USA


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    Sigman D, Jaccard S, Haug G. Polar ocean stratification in a cold climate. Nature. 2004;428:59-63 pubmed
    ..The shift towards stratification in the polar ocean 2.7 million years ago may have increased the quantity of carbon dioxide trapped in the abyss, amplifying the global cooling. ..
  2. Zhang E, Huang S, Ji Q, Silvernagel M, Wang Y, Ward B, et al. Nitric oxide isotopic analyzer based on a compact dual-modulation Faraday rotation spectrometer. Sensors (Basel). 2015;15:25992-6008 pubmed publisher
    ..For 5 μmol potassium nitrate samples, the instrument consistently yields ratiometric precision below 0.3‰, thus demonstrating potential as an in situ diagnostic tool for environmental nitrogen cycle studies. ..