Hadi Nazem Bokaee


Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University
Country: USA


  1. Soo V, McAnulty M, Tripathi A, Zhu F, Zhang L, Hatzakis E, et al. Reversing methanogenesis to capture methane for liquid biofuel precursors. Microb Cell Fact. 2016;15:11 pubmed publisher
  2. Nazem Bokaee H, Gopalakrishnan S, Ferry J, Wood T, Maranas C. Assessing methanotrophy and carbon fixation for biofuel production by Methanosarcina acetivorans. Microb Cell Fact. 2016;15:10 pubmed publisher
    ..This effort paves the way in informing the search for thermodynamically feasible ways of (co)utilizing novel carbon substrates in the domain Archaea. ..