Susan H Benoff


Affiliation: North Shore University Hospital
Country: USA


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    Benoff S. Voltage dependent calcium channels in mammalian spermatozoa. Front Biosci. 1998;3:D1220-40 pubmed
    ..Knowledge of calcium channels structure will also contribute to design of new male contraceptives based on existing calcium channel antagonists. ..
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    Benoff S, Millan C, Hurley I, Napolitano B, Marmar J. Bilateral increased apoptosis and bilateral accumulation of cadmium in infertile men with left varicocele. Hum Reprod. 2004;19:616-27 pubmed
    ..Apoptosis may deplete the sperm concentration among men with varicocele and infertility. Pre-operative measurements of apoptosis and cadmium content may predict the outcome of varicocele repair. ..
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    Benoff S, Cooper G, Centola G, Jacob A, Hershlag A, Hurley I. Metal ions and human sperm mannose receptors. Andrologia. 2000;32:317-29 pubmed
    ..Mannose receptor expression on the external surface of the human sperm plasma membrane is a biomarker for the effects of transition and heavy metals and organic toxicants on sperm fertility potential. ..
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    Benoff S, Jacob A, Hurley I. Male infertility and environmental exposure to lead and cadmium. Hum Reprod Update. 2000;6:107-21 pubmed
    ..Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction assays for Ca2+ and K+ channel isoforms may identify susceptibility subgroups with lower resistance to environmental exposures...