Daniel B Rifkin


Affiliation: New York University School of Medicine
Country: USA


  1. Robertson I, Horiguchi M, Zilberberg L, Dabovic B, Hadjiolova K, Rifkin D. Latent TGF-β-binding proteins. Matrix Biol. 2015;47:44-53 pubmed publisher
    ..As well as having important functions in TGFβ regulation, TGFβ-independent activities have recently been identified for LTBP-2 and LTBP-4 in stabilizing microfibril bundles and regulating elastic fiber assembly. ..
  2. Horiguchi M, Todorovic V, Hadjiolova K, Weiskirchen R, Rifkin D. Abrogation of both short and long forms of latent transforming growth factor-β binding protein-1 causes defective cardiovascular development and is perinatally lethal. Matrix Biol. 2015;43:61-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results clarify the phenotypes of Ltbp1 null mice and re-emphasize the importance of LTBP-1 in vivo. ..