Darren Locke


Affiliation: New Jersey
Country: USA


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    Locke D, Stein T, Davies C, Morris J, Harris A, Evans W, et al. Altered permeability and modulatory character of connexin channels during mammary gland development. Exp Cell Res. 2004;298:643-60 pubmed
    ..Connexin channel stoichiometry, permeability, and chemical gating character change in precisely the desired fashion after parturition to maximize molecular and electrical coupling to support coordinated milk secretion. ..
  2. Locke D, Bian S, Li H, Harris A. Post-translational modifications of connexin26 revealed by mass spectrometry. Biochem J. 2009;424:385-98 pubmed publisher
    ..Knowledge of the PTMs of Cx26 will be instrumental in understanding how alterations in the cellular mechanisms of Cx26 channel biogenesis and function lead to losses in auditory function and disfiguring skin disorders. ..
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    Locke D, Jamieson S, Stein T, Liu J, Hodgins M, Harris A, et al. Nature of Cx30-containing channels in the adult mouse mammary gland. Cell Tissue Res. 2007;328:97-107 pubmed
    ..Such changes in connexin expression and channel composition and their chemical modulation are discussed in relation to the various stages of mammary gland development in the adult mouse. ..
  4. Locke D, Harris A. Connexin channels and phospholipids: association and modulation. BMC Biol. 2009;7:52 pubmed publisher
    ..The intimate involvement of distinct phospholipids with different connexins contributes to channel structure and/or function, as well as plaque integrity, and to modulation of connexin channels by lipophilic agents. ..