Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson


Affiliation: National Institutes of Health
Country: USA


  1. Prokunina Olsson L, Fu Y, Tang W, Jacobs K, Hayes R, Kraft P, et al. Refining the prostate cancer genetic association within the JAZF1 gene on chromosome 7p15.2. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2010;19:1349-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Future studies should identify all variants in high linkage disequilibrium with rs10486567 and evaluate their functional significance for PrCa. ..
  2. Fu Y, Kohaar I, Moore L, Lenz P, Figueroa J, Tang W, et al. The 19q12 bladder cancer GWAS signal: association with cyclin E function and aggressive disease. Cancer Res. 2014;74:5808-18 pubmed publisher
    ..In combination with established bladder cancer risk factors and other somatic and germline genetic markers, the CCNE1 variants could be useful for inclusion into bladder cancer risk prediction models. ..
  3. Prokunina Olsson L, Hall J. No effect of cancer-associated SNP rs6983267 in the 8q24 region on co-expression of MYC and TCF7L2 in normal colon tissue. Mol Cancer. 2009;8:96 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that some splicing forms of TCF7L2 may be functionally important for regulation of MYC expression in colon tissue but this regulation is not directly dependent on rs6983267. ..
  4. Prokunina Olsson L, Hall J. Evidence for neuroendocrine function of a unique splicing form of TCF7L2 in human brain, islets and gut. Diabetologia. 2010;53:712-6 pubmed publisher
  5. Prokunina Olsson L, Muchmore B, Tang W, Pfeiffer R, Park H, Dickensheets H, et al. A variant upstream of IFNL3 (IL28B) creating a new interferon gene IFNL4 is associated with impaired clearance of hepatitis C virus. Nat Genet. 2013;45:164-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide new insights into the genetic regulation of HCV clearance and its clinical management. ..
  6. Prokunina Olsson L, Welch C, Hansson O, Adhikari N, Scott L, Usher N, et al. Tissue-specific alternative splicing of TCF7L2. Hum Mol Genet. 2009;18:3795-804 pubmed publisher
    ..Alternative splicing of TCF7L2 in pancreatic islets warrants future studies. GenBank Accession Numbers: FJ010164-FJ010174. ..
  7. Prokunina Olsson L, Kaplan L, Schadt E, Collins F. Alternative splicing of TCF7L2 gene in omental and subcutaneous adipose tissue and risk of type 2 diabetes. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e7231 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression of TCF7L2 alternatively spliced forms may have different functional roles in omental and subcutaneous adipose tissue but is not associated with SNPs rs7903146 and rs12255372 or T2D status. ..
  8. Legason I, Pfeiffer R, Udquim K, Bergen A, Gouveia M, Kirimunda S, et al. Evaluating the Causal Link Between Malaria Infection and Endemic Burkitt Lymphoma in Northern Uganda: A Mendelian Randomization Study. EBioMedicine. 2017;25:58-65 pubmed publisher
    ..SCT and IL10 rs1800896, IL1A rs2856838, but not SEMA3C rs4461841, polymorphisms were associated with decreased risk of malaria in the controls. Our results support a causal effect of malaria infection on eBL. ..