Terry W Moody


Affiliation: National Institutes of Health
Country: USA


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    Moody T. Thymosin alpha1 as a chemopreventive agent in lung and breast cancer. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2007;1112:297-304 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that Talpha1 is a chemopreventive agent in animal models for lung and breast carcinogenesis. ..
  2. Moody T, Lee L, Iordanskaia T, Ramos Álvarez I, Moreno P, Boudreau H, et al. PAC1 regulates receptor tyrosine kinase transactivation in a reactive oxygen species-dependent manner. Peptides. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..The results show that ROS are essential for PAC1 to regulate EGFR and HER2 transactivation as well as proliferation of NSCLC cells. ..
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    Moody T, Sun L, Mantey S, Pradhan T, Mackey L, Gonzales N, et al. In vitro and in vivo antitumor effects of cytotoxic camptothecin-bombesin conjugates are mediated by specific interaction with cellular bombesin receptors. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2006;318:1265-72 pubmed
    ..Because many tumors overexpress Bn receptors, these results also demonstrate that CPT-L2-BA3 will be a useful agent for delivering receptor-mediated cytotoxicity to many different human tumors. ..
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    Moody T, Nuche Berenguer B, Nakamura T, Jensen R. EGFR Transactivation by Peptide G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Cancer. Curr Drug Targets. 2016;17:520-8 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that GPCR transactivation of the EGFR may play an important role in cancer cell proliferation. ..
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    Moody T, Chan D, Fahrenkrug J, Jensen R. Neuropeptides as autocrine growth factors in cancer cells. Curr Pharm Des. 2003;9:495-509 pubmed
    ..VIPhybrid and SR48692, a NT receptor antagonist, potentiate the cytotoxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs. These results suggest that neuropeptide receptor antagonists may be useful in the treatment of cancer. ..
  6. Moody T, Moreno P, Jensen R. Neuropeptides as lung cancer growth factors. Peptides. 2015;72:106-11 pubmed publisher
    ..This review focuses on the mechanisms by which bombesin-like peptides, neurotensin and vasoactive intestinal peptide regulate the growth of lung cancer. ..
  7. Moody T, Nuche Berenguer B, Moreno P, Jensen R. CI-988 Inhibits EGFR Transactivation and Proliferation Caused by Addition of CCK/Gastrin to Lung Cancer Cells. J Mol Neurosci. 2015;56:663-72 pubmed publisher
    ..CI-988 or gefitinib inhibited the basal growth of NCI-H727 cells or that stimulated by CCK-8. The results indicate that CCK/gastrin may increase lung cancer proliferation in an EGFR-dependent manner. ..
  8. Moody T, Mantey S, Moreno P, Nakamura T, Lacivita E, Leopoldo M, et al. ML-18 is a non-peptide bombesin receptor subtype-3 antagonist which inhibits lung cancer growth. Peptides. 2015;64:55-61 pubmed publisher
    ..ML-18 but not EMY-98 inhibited the proliferation of lung cancer cells. The results indicate that ML-18 is a nonpeptide BRS-3 antagonist that should serve as a template to improve potency and selectivity. ..
  9. Moody T, Chan D, Mantey S, Moreno P, Jensen R. SR48692 inhibits non-small cell lung cancer proliferation in an EGF receptor-dependent manner. Life Sci. 2014;100:25-34 pubmed publisher
    ..NTS stimulates whereas SR48692 or gefitinib inhibits the clonal growth of NSCLC cells. These results suggest that SR48692 may inhibit NSCLC proliferation in an EGFR-dependent mechanism. ..

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  1. Moody T, Di Florio A, Jensen R. PYK-2 is tyrosine phosphorylated after activation of pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide receptors in lung cancer cells. J Mol Neurosci. 2012;48:660-6 pubmed
    ..The increase in PYK-2 tyrosine phosphorylation caused by PACAP was inhibited by PACAP(6-38), U73122, or BAPTA, but not H89. The results suggest that PAC1 regulates PYK-2 tyrosine phosphorylation in a calcium-dependent manner. ..
  2. Moody T, Switzer C, Santana Flores W, Ridnour L, Berna M, Thill M, et al. Dithiolethione modified valproate and diclofenac increase E-cadherin expression and decrease proliferation of non-small cell lung cancer cells. Lung Cancer. 2010;68:154-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Because S-valproate and S-diclofenac inhibit the growth of NSCLC cells and reduce PGE(2) levels, they may prove beneficial in the chemoprevention and/or therapy of NSCLC. ..
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    Moody T, Merali Z. Bombesin-like peptides and associated receptors within the brain: distribution and behavioral implications. Peptides. 2004;25:511-20 pubmed
    ..GRP and NMB modulate distinct biological processes through discrete brain regions or circuits, and globally these peptidergic systems may serve in an integrative or homeostatic function. ..
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    Moody T, Czerwinski G, Tarasova N, Michejda C. VIP-ellipticine derivatives inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Life Sci. 2002;71:1005-14 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that VIP-E derivatives function as breast cancer VPAC(1) receptor agonists which inhibit MCF-7 cellular viability. ..
  5. Moody T, Leyton J, Jensen R. Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide causes increased tyrosine phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and paxillin. J Mol Neurosci. 2012;46:68-74 pubmed publisher
    ..The results show that PAC1-R regulates FAK and paxillin tyrosine phosphorylation in lung cancer cells as a result of increased phosphatidylinositol turnover but not adenylyl cylase stimulation. ..
  6. Moody T, Sancho V, Di Florio A, Nuche Berenguer B, Mantey S, Jensen R. Bombesin receptor subtype-3 agonists stimulate the growth of lung cancer cells and increase EGF receptor tyrosine phosphorylation. Peptides. 2011;32:1677-84 pubmed publisher
  7. Moody T, Berna M, Mantey S, Sancho V, Ridnour L, Wink D, et al. Neuromedin B receptors regulate EGF receptor tyrosine phosphorylation in lung cancer cells. Eur J Pharmacol. 2010;637:38-45 pubmed publisher
    ..The results indicate that the NMB receptor regulates EGF receptor transactivation by a mechanism dependent on Src as well as metalloprotease activation and generation of reactive oxygen species. ..
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    Moody T, Jensen R. Breast cancer VPAC1 receptors. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2006;1070:436-9 pubmed
    ..VIP chemotherapeutic conjugates may be useful agents to inhibit the growth of breast cancer. ..
  9. Moody T, Ramos Álvarez I, Moreno P, Mantey S, Ridnour L, Wink D, et al. Endothelin causes transactivation of the EGFR and HER2 in non-small cell lung cancer cells. Peptides. 2017;90:90-99 pubmed publisher
    ..ET-1 increased NSCLC clonal growth, whereas BQ123, ZD4054, lapatinib or gefitinib inhibited proliferation. The results indicate that ET-1 may regulate NSCLC cellular proliferation in an EGFR- and HER2-dependent manner. ..