John R Mascola


Affiliation: National Institutes of Health
Country: USA


  1. Stewart Jones G, Chuang G, Xu K, Zhou T, Acharya P, Tsybovsky Y, et al. Structure-based design of a quadrivalent fusion glycoprotein vaccine for human parainfluenza virus types 1-4. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:12265-12270 pubmed publisher
  2. Rudicell R, Kwon Y, Ko S, Pegu A, Louder M, Georgiev I, et al. Enhanced potency of a broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody in vitro improves protection against lentiviral infection in vivo. J Virol. 2014;88:12669-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies demonstrate an important correlation between in vitro assays used to evaluate the therapeutic potential of antibodies and their in vivo effectiveness. ..
  3. Chuang G, Geng H, Pancera M, Xu K, Cheng C, Acharya P, et al. Structure-Based Design of a Soluble Prefusion-Closed HIV-1 Env Trimer with Reduced CD4 Affinity and Improved Immunogenicity. J Virol. 2017;91: pubmed publisher
    ..With improved antigenicity, stability, and immunogenicity, DS-SOSIP.4mut-stabilized trimers may have utility as HIV-1 immunogens or in other antigen-specific contexts, such as with B-cell probes. ..
  4. Pegu A, Yang Z, Boyington J, Wu L, Ko S, Schmidt S, et al. Neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1 envelope protect more effectively in vivo than those to the CD4 receptor. Sci Transl Med. 2014;6:243ra88 pubmed publisher
  5. Duan H, Chen X, Boyington J, Cheng C, Zhang Y, Jafari A, et al. Glycan Masking Focuses Immune Responses to the HIV-1 CD4-Binding Site and Enhances Elicitation of VRC01-Class Precursor Antibodies. Immunity. 2018;49:301-311.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that glycan masking can limit elicitation of off-target antibodies and focus immune responses to the CD4bs, a major target of HIV-1 vaccine design. ..
  6. Kwong P, Mascola J. HIV-1 Vaccines Based on Antibody Identification, B Cell Ontogeny, and Epitope Structure. Immunity. 2018;48:855-871 pubmed publisher
    ..Both epitope-based and antibody lineage-based HIV-1 vaccine approaches are being readied for human clinical trials. ..
  7. Xu K, Acharya P, Kong R, Cheng C, Chuang G, Liu K, et al. Epitope-based vaccine design yields fusion peptide-directed antibodies that neutralize diverse strains of HIV-1. Nat Med. 2018;24:857-867 pubmed publisher
    ..The N terminus of the HIV-1 fusion peptide is thus a promising target of vaccine efforts aimed at eliciting broadly neutralizing antibodies. ..
  8. Zhou T, Lynch R, Chen L, Acharya P, Wu X, Doria Rose N, et al. Structural Repertoire of HIV-1-Neutralizing Antibodies Targeting the CD4 Supersite in 14 Donors. Cell. 2015;161:1280-92 pubmed publisher
  9. Doria Rose N, Bhiman J, Roark R, Schramm C, Gorman J, Chuang G, et al. New Member of the V1V2-Directed CAP256-VRC26 Lineage That Shows Increased Breadth and Exceptional Potency. J Virol. 2016;90:76-91 pubmed publisher
    ..001 μg/ml. Our results highlight the ongoing evolution within a single antibody lineage and describe more potent and broadly neutralizing members with potential clinical utility, particularly in areas where clade C is prevalent. ..

More Information


  1. Asokan M, Rudicell R, Louder M, McKee K, O DELL S, Stewart Jones G, et al. Bispecific Antibodies Targeting Different Epitopes on the HIV-1 Envelope Exhibit Broad and Potent Neutralization. J Virol. 2015;89:12501-12 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings support the use of bispecific antibodies for the prevention or treatment of HIV-1 infection. ..
  2. Zhou T, Zheng A, Baxa U, Chuang G, Georgiev I, Kong R, et al. A Neutralizing Antibody Recognizing Primarily N-Linked Glycan Targets the Silent Face of the HIV Envelope. Immunity. 2018;48:500-513.e6 pubmed publisher
  3. Joyce M, Wheatley A, Thomas P, Chuang G, Soto C, Bailer R, et al. Vaccine-Induced Antibodies that Neutralize Group 1 and Group 2 Influenza A Viruses. Cell. 2016;166:609-623 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose the sequence signature-quantified prevalence of these B cells as a metric to guide universal influenza A immunization strategies. ..
  4. Wu X, Zhang Z, Schramm C, Joyce M, Kwon Y, Zhou T, et al. Maturation and Diversity of the VRC01-Antibody Lineage over 15 Years of Chronic HIV-1 Infection. Cell. 2015;161:470-485 pubmed publisher
    ..This high rate of antibody evolution provides a mechanism by which antibody lineages can achieve extraordinary diversity and, over years of chronic infection, develop effective HIV-1 neutralization. ..
  5. Cale E, Gorman J, Radakovich N, Crooks E, Osawa K, Tong T, et al. Virus-like Particles Identify an HIV V1V2 Apex-Binding Neutralizing Antibody that Lacks a Protruding Loop. Immunity. 2017;46:777-791.e10 pubmed publisher
    ..The N90-VRC38 lineage thus identifies a solution for V1V2-apex binding that provides a more conventional B cell pathway for vaccine design. ..
  6. Kwon Y, Chuang G, Zhang B, Bailer R, Doria Rose N, Gindin T, et al. Surface-Matrix Screening Identifies Semi-specific Interactions that Improve Potency of a Near Pan-reactive HIV-1-Neutralizing Antibody. Cell Rep. 2018;22:1798-1809 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose surface-matrix screening as a general method to improve antibodies, with improved semi-specific interactions between antibody and antigen enabling increased potency without compromising breadth. ..
  7. Mascola J, Haynes B. HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies: understanding nature's pathways. Immunol Rev. 2013;254:225-44 pubmed publisher
  8. Zhou T, Doria Rose N, Cheng C, Stewart Jones G, Chuang G, Chambers M, et al. Quantification of the Impact of the HIV-1-Glycan Shield on Antibody Elicitation. Cell Rep. 2017;19:719-732 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these high titers and exponential relationship, we propose site-selective deglycosylated trimers as priming immunogens to increase the frequency of site-targeting antibodies. ..
  9. Joyce M, Georgiev I, Yang Y, Druz A, Geng H, Chuang G, et al. Soluble Prefusion Closed DS-SOSIP.664-Env Trimers of Diverse HIV-1 Strains. Cell Rep. 2017;21:2992-3002 pubmed publisher
    ..Structure-based design thus enables the production of prefusion closed HIV-1-Env trimers from dozens of diverse strains. ..