J E Blaney


Affiliation: National Institutes of Health
Country: USA


  1. Blaney J, Hanson C, Hanley K, Murphy B, Whitehead S. Vaccine candidates derived from a novel infectious cDNA clone of an American genotype dengue virus type 2. BMC Infect Dis. 2004;4:39 pubmed
    ..The rDEN2Delta30 and rDEN2Delta30-4995 viruses can be considered for evaluation in humans and for inclusion in a tetravalent dengue vaccine. ..
  2. Blaney J, Matro J, Murphy B, Whitehead S. Recombinant, live-attenuated tetravalent dengue virus vaccine formulations induce a balanced, broad, and protective neutralizing antibody response against each of the four serotypes in rhesus monkeys. J Virol. 2005;79:5516-28 pubmed
    ..However, two doses of TV-2 or TV-3 induced protection against DEN2 challenge. Two tetravalent formulations, TV-2 and TV-3, possess properties of a successful DEN vaccine and can be considered for evaluation in clinical trials. ..
  3. Blaney J, Wirblich C, Papaneri A, Johnson R, Myers C, Juelich T, et al. Inactivated or live-attenuated bivalent vaccines that confer protection against rabies and Ebola viruses. J Virol. 2011;85:10605-16 pubmed publisher
  4. Blaney J, Sathe N, Goddard L, Hanson C, Romero T, Hanley K, et al. Dengue virus type 3 vaccine candidates generated by introduction of deletions in the 3' untranslated region (3'-UTR) or by exchange of the DENV-3 3'-UTR with that of DENV-4. Vaccine. 2008;26:817-28 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, rDEN3Delta30/31 had reduced replication in Toxorynchites mosquitoes following intrathoracic inoculation. The results are discussed in the context of vaccine development and the physical structure of the DENV 3'-UTR. ..