Perry E Sheffield


Affiliation: Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Country: USA


  1. Sheffield P, Rowe M, Agu D, Rodríguez L, Avilés K. Health impact assessments for environmental restoration: the case of Caño Martín Peña. Ann Glob Health. 2014;80:296-302 pubmed publisher
    ..This approach could be generalized to other Latino environmental justice communities in Puerto Rico and abroad. ..
  2. Sheffield P, Zhou J, Shmool J, Clougherty J. Ambient ozone exposure and children's acute asthma in New York City: a case-crossover analysis. Environ Health. 2015;14:25 pubmed publisher
    ..Differences in ozone response for boys and girls, before and after puberty, may point towards both social (gendered) and biological (sex-linked) sources of effect modification. ..
  3. Ito K, Weinberger K, Robinson G, Sheffield P, Lall R, Mathes R, et al. The associations between daily spring pollen counts, over-the-counter allergy medication sales, and asthma syndrome emergency department visits in New York City, 2002-2012. Environ Health. 2015;14:71 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the narrow time window of these pollen peak occurrences, public health and clinical approaches to anticipate and reduce allergy/asthma exacerbation should be developed. ..
  4. Sheffield P, Herrera M, Kinnee E, Clougherty J. Not so little differences: variation in hot weather risk to young children in New York City. Public Health. 2018;161:119-126 pubmed publisher
    ..Next steps include examining specific subcategories of diagnoses to develop protective strategies and better anticipate the needs of population health in future scenarios of climate change. ..
  5. Shmool J, Kinnee E, Sheffield P, Clougherty J. Spatio-temporal ozone variation in a case-crossover analysis of childhood asthma hospital visits in New York City. Environ Res. 2016;147:108-14 pubmed publisher
  6. Sheffield P, Landrigan P. Global climate change and children's health: threats and strategies for prevention. Environ Health Perspect. 2011;119:291-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Climate change preparedness strategies need to be incorporated into public health programs. ..
  7. Rosa M, Pajak A, Just A, Sheffield P, Kloog I, Schwartz J, et al. Prenatal exposure to PM2.5 and birth weight: A pooled analysis from three North American longitudinal pregnancy cohort studies. Environ Int. 2017;107:173-180 pubmed publisher
    ..5 exposure and birthweight that were not detected using standard methods. ..
  8. Sheffield P, Uijttewaal S, Stewart J, Galvez M. Climate Change and Schools: Environmental Hazards and Resiliency. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017;14: pubmed publisher