Stephanie Engel


Affiliation: Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Country: USA


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    Engel S, Erichsen H, Savitz D, Thorp J, Chanock S, Olshan A. Risk of spontaneous preterm birth is associated with common proinflammatory cytokine polymorphisms. Epidemiology. 2005;16:469-77 pubmed
    ..Selected TNF/LTA haplotypes were associated with spontaneous preterm birth in both African-American and white subjects. Our data do not support an inflammatory etiology for SGA. ..
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    Engel S, Olshan A, Savitz D, Thorp J, Erichsen H, Chanock S. Risk of small-for-gestational age is associated with common anti-inflammatory cytokine polymorphisms. Epidemiology. 2005;16:478-86 pubmed
    ..Variants related to decreased anti-inflammatory cytokine production may lower risk of SGA. Furthermore, the same mechanism that protects against SGA might increase risk of spontaneous preterm birth. ..
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    Engel S, Berkowitz G, Barr D, Teitelbaum S, Siskind J, Meisel S, et al. Prenatal organophosphate metabolite and organochlorine levels and performance on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale in a multiethnic pregnancy cohort. Am J Epidemiol. 2007;165:1397-404 pubmed
    ..The authors uncovered additional evidence that prenatal levels of organophosphate pesticide metabolites are associated with anomalies in primitive reflexes, which are a critical marker of neurologic integrity. ..