Edward C Meek


Affiliation: Mississippi State University
Country: USA


  1. Meek E, Chambers H, Pringle R, Chambers J. The effect of PON1 enhancers on reducing acetylcholinesterase inhibition following organophosphate anticholinesterase exposure in rats. Toxicology. 2015;336:79-83 pubmed publisher
  2. Chambers J, Meek E, Bennett J, Bennett W, Chambers H, Leach C, et al. Novel substituted phenoxyalkyl pyridinium oximes enhance survival and attenuate seizure-like behavior of rats receiving lethal levels of nerve agent surrogates. Toxicology. 2016;339:51-57 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore this oxime platform has exceptional promise as therapy that could both prevent nerve agent-induced lethality and attenuate nerve agent-induced seizures. ..
  3. Chambers J, Chambers H, Funck K, Meek E, Pringle R, Ross M. Efficacy of novel phenoxyalkyl pyridinium oximes as brain-penetrating reactivators of cholinesterase inhibited by surrogates of sarin and VX. Chem Biol Interact. 2016;259:154-159 pubmed publisher
    ..These novel oximes have the potential to be developed into improved antidotes for nerve agent therapy. ..