Christoph Benning


Affiliation: Michigan State University
Country: USA


  1. Tsai C, Warakanont J, Takeuchi T, Sears B, Moellering E, Benning C. The protein Compromised Hydrolysis of Triacylglycerols 7 (CHT7) acts as a repressor of cellular quiescence in Chlamydomonas. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:15833-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, CHT7 likely is a repressor of cellular quiescence and provides a possible target for the engineering of high-biomass/high-triacylglycerol microalgae. ..
  2. Poliner E, Farré E, Benning C. Advanced genetic tools enable synthetic biology in the oleaginous microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. Plant Cell Rep. 2018;37:1383-1399 pubmed publisher
    ..These tools enable gene-specific, mechanistic studies and have already allowed the engineering of improved Nannochloropsis strains with superior growth, or greater bioproduction. ..
  3. Wang K, Guo Q, Froehlich J, Hersh H, Zienkiewicz A, Howe G, et al. Two Abscisic Acid-Responsive Plastid Lipase Genes Involved in Jasmonic Acid Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell. 2018;30:1006-1022 pubmed publisher
    ..The plip triple mutants also showed hypersensitivity to ABA. We propose that PLIP2 and PLIP3 provide a mechanistic link between ABA-mediated abiotic stress responses and oxylipin signaling. ..
  4. Yang Y, Munz J, Cass C, Zienkiewicz A, Kong Q, Ma W, et al. Ectopic Expression of WRINKLED1 Affects Fatty Acid Homeostasis in Brachypodium distachyon Vegetative Tissues. Plant Physiol. 2015;169:1836-47 pubmed publisher
  5. Horn P, Benning C. The plant lipidome in human and environmental health. Science. 2016;353:1228-32 pubmed publisher
    ..We highlight recent advances in plant lipid translational biology and discuss untapped areas of research that might expand the application of plant lipids. ..
  6. Yang Y, Zienkiewicz A, Lavell A, Benning C. Coevolution of Domain Interactions in the Chloroplast TGD1, 2, 3 Lipid Transfer Complex Specific to Brassicaceae and Poaceae Plants. Plant Cell. 2017;29:1500-1515 pubmed publisher
  7. Tsai C, Uygun S, Roston R, Shiu S, Benning C. Recovery from N Deprivation Is a Transcriptionally and Functionally Distinct State in Chlamydomonas. Plant Physiol. 2018;176:2007-2023 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the recovery from N deprivation represents not simply a reversal of processes directly following N deprivation, but a distinct cellular state. ..
  8. Du Z, Lucker B, Zienkiewicz K, Miller T, Zienkiewicz A, Sears B, et al. Galactoglycerolipid Lipase PGD1 Is Involved in Thylakoid Membrane Remodeling in Response to Adverse Environmental Conditions in Chlamydomonas. Plant Cell. 2018;30:447-465 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that PGD1 plays essential roles in maintaining appropriate thylakoid membrane composition and structure, thereby affecting growth and stress tolerance when cells are challenged under adverse conditions. ..
  9. Benning C, Ohta H. Three enzyme systems for galactoglycerolipid biosynthesis are coordinately regulated in plants. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:2397-400 pubmed
    ..Although these galactosyltransferases use UDP-Gal as the galactose donor, a third pathway involves a processive enzyme, which transfers galactose from one galactolipid to another. ..

More Information


  1. Wang K, Hersh H, Benning C. SENSITIVE TO FREEZING2 Aides in Resilience to Salt and Drought in Freezing-Sensitive Tomato. Plant Physiol. 2016;172:1432-1442 pubmed
  2. Wang K, Froehlich J, Zienkiewicz A, Hersh H, Benning C. A Plastid Phosphatidylglycerol Lipase Contributes to the Export of Acyl Groups from Plastids for Seed Oil Biosynthesis. Plant Cell. 2017;29:1678-1696 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that acyl exchange involving thylakoid lipids functions in acyl export from plastids and seed oil biosynthesis. ..
  3. Yang Y, Benning C. Functions of triacylglycerols during plant development and stress. Curr Opin Biotechnol. 2018;49:191-198 pubmed publisher
    ..These roles of TAGs need to be considered during engineering attempts to further improve TAG content in different tissues. ..