Kevin R Kozak


Affiliation: Massachusetts General Hospital
Country: USA


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    Kozak K, Milne G, Morrow J, Cuiffo B. Hypertrophic osteoarthropathy pathogenesis: a case highlighting the potential role for cyclo-oxygenase-2-derived prostaglandin E2. Nat Clin Pract Rheumatol. 2006;2:452-6; quiz following 456 pubmed
  2. Kozak K, Hong T, Sluss P, Lewandrowski E, Aleryani S, Macdonald S, et al. Cardiac blood biomarkers in patients receiving thoracic (chemo)radiation. Lung Cancer. 2008;62:351-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, contemporary thoracic (chemo)radiation does not commonly result in elevations of serum TnT, CK-MB or NT-proBNP. Elevations in these markers during treatment merit further evaluation. ..