Tyler E Jacks


Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Country: USA


  1. Li Y, Park A, Mou H, Colpan C, Bizhanova A, Akama Garren E, et al. A versatile reporter system for CRISPR-mediated chromosomal rearrangements. Genome Biol. 2015;16:111 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, we detect Cas9 cleavage at the fourth nucleotide on the non-complementary strand, leading to staggered instead of blunt DNA breaks. These reporters allow mechanisms of chromosomal rearrangements to be investigated. ..
  2. Joshi N, Akama Garren E, Lu Y, Lee D, Chang G, Li A, et al. Regulatory T Cells in Tumor-Associated Tertiary Lymphoid Structures Suppress Anti-tumor T Cell Responses. Immunity. 2015;43:579-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we propose that Treg cells in TA-TLSs can inhibit endogenous immune responses against tumors, and targeting these cells might provide therapeutic benefit for cancer patients. ..
  3. Papagiannakopoulos T, Bauer M, Davidson S, Heimann M, Subbaraj L, Bhutkar A, et al. Circadian Rhythm Disruption Promotes Lung Tumorigenesis. Cell Metab. 2016;24:324-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings demonstrate that both systemic and somatic disruption of circadian rhythms contribute to cancer progression. ..
  4. Dimitrova N, Gocheva V, Bhutkar A, Resnick R, Jong R, Miller K, et al. Stromal Expression of miR-143/145 Promotes Neoangiogenesis in Lung Cancer Development. Cancer Discov. 2016;6:188-201 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose inhibition of miR-143/145 as a therapeutic avenue to modulate tumor neoangiogenesis. ..
  5. Chen P, Muzumdar M, Dorans K, Robbins R, Bhutkar A, Del Rosario A, et al. Adaptive and Reversible Resistance to Kras Inhibition in Pancreatic Cancer Cells. Cancer Res. 2018;78:985-1002 pubmed publisher
    ..i>Cancer Res; 78(4); 985-1002. ©2017 AACR. ..
  6. Shao D, Xue W, Krall E, Bhutkar A, Piccioni F, Wang X, et al. KRAS and YAP1 converge to regulate EMT and tumor survival. Cell. 2014;158:171-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these findings implicate transcriptional regulation of EMT by YAP1 as a significant component of oncogenic RAS signaling. ..
  7. Li A, Jacks T. Driving Rel-iant Tregs toward an Identity Crisis. Immunity. 2017;47:391-393 pubmed publisher
    ..2017). Targeting c-Rel blunts Treg cell immunosuppressive activity in the tumor microenvironment and enhances anti-tumor T cell responses (Grinberg-Bleyer et al., 2017). ..
  8. Dimitrova N, Zamudio J, Jong R, Soukup D, Resnick R, Sarma K, et al. LincRNA-p21 activates p21 in cis to promote Polycomb target gene expression and to enforce the G1/S checkpoint. Mol Cell. 2014;54:777-90 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that lincRNA-p21 affects global gene expression and influences the p53 tumor suppressor pathway by acting in cis as a locus-restricted coactivator for p53-mediated p21 expression. ..
  9. Muzumdar M, Chen P, Dorans K, Chung K, Bhutkar A, Hong E, et al. Survival of pancreatic cancer cells lacking KRAS function. Nat Commun. 2017;8:1090 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these data underscore the potential for PDAC resistance to even the very best KRAS inhibitors and provide insights into mechanisms of response and resistance to KRAS inhibition. ..