David E Cantonwine


Affiliation: Massachusetts General Hospital
Country: USA


  1. Lewis R, Cantonwine D, Anzalota Del Toro L, Calafat A, Valentin Blasini L, Davis M, et al. Distribution and determinants of urinary biomarkers of exposure to organophosphate insecticides in Puerto Rican pregnant women. Sci Total Environ. 2015;512-513:337-344 pubmed publisher
    ..Further research is needed to understand what aspects of the predictors identified influence OP insecticide exposure during pregnancy. ..
  2. Cantonwine D, Zhang Z, Rosenblatt K, Goudy K, Doss R, Ezrin A, et al. Evaluation of proteomic biomarkers associated with circulating microparticles as an effective means to stratify the risk of spontaneous preterm birth. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2016;214:631.e1-631.e11 pubmed publisher
    ..These changes, with further validation, will allow the stratification of patients at risk of spontaneous preterm birth before clinical presentation. ..
  3. Cantonwine D, CORDERO J, Rivera González L, Anzalota Del Toro L, Ferguson K, Mukherjee B, et al. Urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations among pregnant women in Northern Puerto Rico: distribution, temporal variability, and predictors. Environ Int. 2014;62:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Preliminary results suggest several potentially important exposure sources to phthalates in this population and future analysis from this ongoing prospective cohort will help to inform targeted approaches to reduce exposure. ..