Stephen Higgs


Affiliation: Kansas State University
Country: USA


  1. Nuckols J, McAuley A, Huang Y, Horne K, Higgs S, Davey R, et al. pH-Dependent entry of chikungunya virus fusion into mosquito cells. Virol J. 2014;11:215 pubmed publisher
    ..The observation of similar mechanisms for inhibition of CHIKV infection in mosquito and mammalian cell lines suggests that conserved entry pathways are utilized by CHIKV for vertebrate and invertebrate cell types. ..
  2. Huang Y, Nuckols J, Horne K, Vanlandingham D, Lobigs M, Higgs S. Mutagenesis analysis of T380R mutation in the envelope protein of yellow fever virus. Virol J. 2014;11:60 pubmed publisher
    ..aegypti. However, such gain in viral infectivity did not increase dissemination in infected mosquitoes...
  3. Carlson J, O Donnell V, Alfano M, Velazquez Salinas L, Holinka L, Krug P, et al. Association of the Host Immune Response with Protection Using a Live Attenuated African Swine Fever Virus Model. Viruses. 2016;8: pubmed
    ..These results, encompassing data from 65 immunized swine, underscore the complexity of the system under study, suggesting that protection relies on the concurrence of different host immune mechanisms. ..
  4. Huang Y, Higgs S, Vanlandingham D. Biological Control Strategies for Mosquito Vectors of Arboviruses. Insects. 2017;8: pubmed publisher
    ..As various arboviruses continue to be significant public health threats, biological control strategies have evolved to be more diverse and become critical tools to reduce the disease burden of arboviruses. ..
  5. Vignuzzi M, Higgs S. The Bridges and Blockades to Evolutionary Convergence on the Road to Predicting Chikungunya Virus Evolution. Annu Rev Virol. 2017;4:181-200 pubmed publisher
    ..We highlight research that reveals to what extent convergent evolution, and its inherent predictability, may occur and what genetic or environmental factors may hinder it. ..