Mark D Mamlouk


Affiliation: Kaiser Permanente
Country: USA


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    ..These templates are located in the On-line Appendix, and a downloadable PowerScribe 360 file may be accessed at ..
  3. Mamlouk M, Yu J, Asch S, Mathes E. PHACE syndrome and congenitally absent thyroid gland at MR imaging. Clin Imaging. 2016;40:237-40 pubmed publisher
    ..We report a case of PHACE syndrome with congenital hypothyroidism in an infant, for which absent thyroid gland was diagnosed at magnetic resonance imaging. ..
  4. Mamlouk M, Hess C. Arterial spin-labeled perfusion for vascular anomalies in the pediatric head and neck. Clin Imaging. 2016;40:1040-6 pubmed publisher
    ..ASL imaging of cutaneous vascular anomalies shows specific signal intensity patterns and can provide additional value when compared to conventional MR sequences. ..
  5. Mamlouk M, Nicholson A, Cooke D, Hess C. Tips and tricks to optimize MRI protocols for cutaneous vascular anomalies. Clin Imaging. 2017;45:71-80 pubmed publisher
    ..This review highlights specific MRI sequence recommendations and scanning tips that can optimize the imaging protocol to increase diagnostic confidence. ..
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    ..We also highlight the roles of the diagnostic and interventional radiologist within a vascular anomalies clinic. ..