Genomes and Genes


Lawrence Kushi


Affiliation: Kaiser Permanente
Country: USA


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    ..ER expression may not increase correspondingly with increasing degree of obesity. Highly obese patients are more likely to have tumor subtypes associated with high proliferation and poorer prognosis. ..
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    ..These differential distributions of exposures may contribute to environmental health disparities later in life. ..
  5. Wolff M, Pajak A, Pinney S, Windham G, Galvez M, Rybak M, et al. Associations of urinary phthalate and phenol biomarkers with menarche in a multiethnic cohort of young girls. Reprod Toxicol. 2017;67:56-64 pubmed publisher
    ..These analytes were also associated with age at breast development in this cohort. Findings from this prospective study suggest that some childhood exposures are associated with pubertal timing. ..
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