Johannes Reisert


Affiliation: Johns Hopkins University
Country: USA


  1. Reisert J, Bauer P, Yau K, Frings S. The Ca-activated Cl channel and its control in rat olfactory receptor neurons. J Gen Physiol. 2003;122:349-63 pubmed
    ..These densities, together with the Ca2+ diffusion coefficient, demonstrate that a given Cl channel is activated by Ca2+ originating from multiple CNG channels, thus allowing low-noise amplification of the olfactory receptor current. ..
  2. Reisert J, Lai J, Yau K, Bradley J. Mechanism of the excitatory Cl- response in mouse olfactory receptor neurons. Neuron. 2005;45:553-61 pubmed
    ..Thus, a single functional architecture serves two entirely different purposes, probably underscoring the epithelial origin of the ORNs. ..