Xin Chen


Affiliation: Johns Hopkins University
Country: USA


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  2. Feng L, Chen X. Epigenetic regulation of germ cells-remember or forget?. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2015;31:20-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we will go over the most recent discoveries on epigenetic regulations in germline differentiation and transgenerational inheritance across different metazoan species. ..
  3. Feng L, Shi Z, Xie J, Ma B, Chen X. Enhancer of polycomb maintains germline activity and genome integrity in Drosophila testis. Cell Death Differ. 2018;25:1486-1502 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our data demonstrate that E(Pc) has pleiotropic roles in maintaining male germline activity and genome integrity. Our findings will help elucidate the in vivo molecular mechanisms of E(Pc). ..
  4. Chen X, Lu C, Morillo Prado J, Eun S, Fuller M. Sequential changes at differentiation gene promoters as they become active in a stem cell lineage. Development. 2011;138:2441-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, the action of the tMAC and tTAF cell type-specific chromatin and transcription machinery leads to loss of Polycomb and release of stalled Pol II from the terminal differentiation gene promoters, allowing robust transcription. ..
  5. Lim C, Gandhi S, Biniossek M, Feng L, Schilling O, Urban S, et al. An Aminopeptidase in the Drosophila Testicular Niche Acts in Germline Stem Cell Maintenance and Spermatogonial Dedifferentiation. Cell Rep. 2015;13:315-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results suggest that a niche factor promotes both stem cell maintenance and progenitor cell dedifferentiation. ..
  6. Xie J, Wooten M, Tran V, Chen B, Pozmanter C, Simbolon C, et al. Histone H3 Threonine Phosphorylation Regulates Asymmetric Histone Inheritance in the Drosophila Male Germline. Cell. 2015;163:920-33 pubmed publisher
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    ..In this review we discuss these findings in the context of cell-cycle regulation, as well as other studies of ACD, to begin understanding the underlying mechanisms and biological relevance of this phenomenon. ..
  8. Eun S, Feng L, Cedeno Rosario L, Gan Q, Wei G, Cui K, et al. Polycomb Group Gene E(z) Is Required for Spermatogonial Dedifferentiation in Drosophila Adult Testis. J Mol Biol. 2017;429:2030-2041 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our data suggest that E(z) acts intrinsically in germ cells to activate dedifferentiation and thus replenish lost GSCs during both aging and tissue regeneration. ..