A Thomas Look


Affiliation: Harvard University
Country: USA


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    ..i>Cancer Discov; 8(3); 320-35. ©2017 AACR.This article is highlighted in the In This Issue feature, p. 253. ..
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    ..Thus, this study identifies a genetic mechanism responsible for the generation of oncogenic super-enhancers in malignant cells. ..
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    ..This study defines a set of critical dependency genes in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma that are essential for cell state and survival in this tumor. ..
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    ..These studies establish JDP2 as a novel oncogene in high-risk T-ALL and implicate overexpression of MCL1 as a mechanism of steroid resistance in JDP2-overexpressing cells. ..
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    ..tet2(m/m) zebrafish are viable and fertile, providing an ideal model to dissect altered pathways in hematopoietic cells and, for small-molecule screens in embryos, to identify compounds with specific activity against tet2 mutant cells. ..
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    ..Our results provide in vivo validation of LMO1 as an important oncogene that promotes neuroblastoma initiation, progression, and widespread metastatic dissemination. ..