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Genomes and Genes


Sergio Leonardi


Affiliation: Duke University Medical Center
Country: USA


  1. Leonardi S, Thomas L, Neely M, Tricoci P, Lopes R, White H, et al. Comparison of the prognosis of spontaneous and percutaneous coronary intervention-related myocardial infarction. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2012;60:2296-304 pubmed publisher
    ..Procedural MI achieves similar prognosis for 1-year mortality when much higher CK-MB thresholds are applied. ..
  2. Leonardi S, Rao S, Harrington R, Bhatt D, Gibson C, Roe M, et al. Rationale and design of the randomized, double-blind trial testing INtraveNous and Oral administration of elinogrel, a selective and reversible P2Y(12)-receptor inhibitor, versus clopidogrel to eVAluate Tolerability and Efficacy in nonurgent Percutan. Am Heart J. 2010;160:65-72 pubmed publisher
    ..The INNOVATE-PCI study is a phase 2 randomized, double-blind, clopidogrel-controlled trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and preliminary efficacy of this novel antiplatelet agent in patients undergoing nonurgent PCI. ..