K W Beyenbach


Affiliation: Cornell University
Country: USA


  1. Beyenbach K, Skaer H, Dow J. The developmental, molecular, and transport biology of Malpighian tubules. Annu Rev Entomol. 2010;55:351-74 pubmed publisher
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    Beyenbach K, Wieczorek H. The V-type H+ ATPase: molecular structure and function, physiological roles and regulation. J Exp Biol. 2006;209:577-89 pubmed
    ..Some diseases can now be attributed to genetic alterations of specific subunits of the V-type H+ ATPase. ..
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    Beyenbach K. Transport mechanisms of diuresis in Malpighian tubules of insects. J Exp Biol. 2003;206:3845-56 pubmed
  4. Beyenbach K. The plasticity of extracellular fluid homeostasis in insects. J Exp Biol. 2016;219:2596-607 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, ECF homeostasis in insects is highly dynamic and plastic, which may partly explain why insects remain the most successful class of animals in terms of both species number and biomass. ..
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    Beyenbach K, Pannabecker T, Nagel W. Central role of the apical membrane H+-ATPase in electrogenesis and epithelial transport in Malpighian tubules. J Exp Biol. 2000;203:1459-68 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, electrical coupling offers a balance between electroconductive entry of cations across the basolateral membrane and extrusion across the apical membrane to support steady-state conditions during transepithelial transport. ..
  6. Beyenbach K, Piermarini P. Transcellular and paracellular pathways of transepithelial fluid secretion in Malpighian (renal) tubules of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti. Acta Physiol (Oxf). 2011;202:387-407 pubmed publisher
    ..Septate junctions define the properties of the paracellular pathway in Malpighian tubules, but the proteins responsible for the permselectivity and barrier functions of the septate junction are unknown. ..
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    Beyenbach K. Renal handling of magnesium in fish: from whole animal to brush border membrane vesicles. Front Biosci. 2000;5:D712-9 pubmed
    ..New methods, including Mg imaging and genetic/molecular approaches promise to unravel Mg transport mechanisms in teleost renal tubules...
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    Beyenbach K. Regulation of tight junction permeability with switch-like speed. Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2003;12:543-50 pubmed
  9. Beyenbach K, Baumgart S, Lau K, Piermarini P, Zhang S. Signaling to the apical membrane and to the paracellular pathway: changes in the cytosolic proteome of Aedes Malpighian tubules. J Exp Biol. 2009;212:329-40 pubmed publisher
    ..The effects of AK-III on active transcellular and passive paracellular transport are additive, if not synergistic, to bring about the rapid diuresis. ..

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  1. Beyenbach K. A dynamic paracellular pathway serves diuresis in mosquito Malpighian tubules. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2012;1258:166-76 pubmed publisher