Affiliation: Colorado State University
Country: USA


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    ..Several structural models are considered that incorporate freeze-fracture data for submolecular "cross-bridges" linking IMPs into the classical square lattices that characterize, in particular, naturally occurring AQP4. ..
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    ..Continued progress in molecular identification and subcellular mapping of glial ion and water channels will lead to a better understanding of demyelinating diseases of the CNS and to development of improved treatment regimens. ..
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    ..This approach allows unambiguous identification of connexins and determination of the membrane "sidedness" and the identities of connexin coupling partners in homotypic and heterotypic gap junctions of vertebrate neurons. ..
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    ..Thus, in adult rat CNS, neurons and glia express different connexins, with "permissive" connexin pairing combinations apparently defining separate pathways for neuronal vs. glial gap junctional communication. ..
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