Susan M Abdel-Rahman


Affiliation: Children's Mercy Hospital
Country: USA


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    Abdel Rahman S, Kauffman R. The integration of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics: understanding dose-response. Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol. 2004;44:111-36 pubmed
    ..As we continue to apply these tools across the continuum of age and disease, they provide a powerful means to enhance our understanding of drug action, drug interactions, and intrinsic host factors that influence pharmacologic response. ..
  2. Abdel Rahman S. Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Illustrated Permission/Assent Form. J Immigr Minor Health. 2015;17:1504-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The medical research community can expand enrollment opportunities to underserved populations by using visual aids to complement the informed consent process. ..
  3. Abdel Rahman S, Farrand N, Schuenemann E, Stering T, Preuett B, Magie R, et al. The prevalence of infections with Trichophyton tonsurans in schoolchildren: the CAPITIS study. Pediatrics. 2010;125:966-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The striking prevalence rates and genetic heterogeneity among the fungal isolates confirm the relatively large degree to which this pathogen has become integrated into metropolitan communities. ..
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    Abdel Rahman S. Polymorphic exocellular protease expression in clinical isolates of Trichophyton tonsurans. Mycopathologia. 2001;150:117-20 pubmed
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    Abdel Rahman S, Simon S, Wright K, Ndjountche L, Gaedigk A. Tracking Trichophyton tonsurans through a large urban child care center: defining infection prevalence and transmission patterns by molecular strain typing. Pediatrics. 2006;118:2365-73 pubmed
  6. Abdel Rahman S, Newland J, Kearns G. Pharmacologic considerations for oseltamivir disposition: focus on the neonate and young infant. Paediatr Drugs. 2011;13:19-31 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, the available pediatric pharmacokinetic data for oseltamivir and its active metabolite are summarized and current 'information gaps' deserving of future study are presented. ..
  7. Abdel Rahman S, Chandorkar G, Akins R, Bradley J, Jacobs R, Donovan J, et al. Single-dose pharmacokinetics and tolerability of daptomycin 8 to 10 mg/kg in children aged 2 to 6 years with suspected or proved Gram-positive infections. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2011;30:712-4 pubmed publisher
    ..2 ?g/mL) and area under the curve (429.1 ?g · h/mL, 549.7 ?g · h/mL) were observed for each dose cohort, respectively. Half-life, clearance, and distribution volume were similar between groups. Both doses were well tolerated. ..
  8. Preuett B, Leeder J, Abdel Rahman S. Development and Application of a High-Throughput Screening Method to Evaluate Antifungal Activity against Trichophyton tonsurans. J Biomol Screen. 2015;20:1171-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Several novel compound classes were identified to have activity against T. tonsurans with potency comparable to known antifungals. A robust, reproducible assay is described that permits high-throughput screening in T. tonsurans. ..
  9. Abdel Rahman S. Genetic Predictors of Susceptibility to Dermatophytoses. Mycopathologia. 2017;182:67-76 pubmed publisher
    ..This paper examines the data that offer a link between genetics and dermatophytoses and discusses the underlying mechanisms that support these observations. ..

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  1. Friesen C, Neilan N, Schurman J, Taylor D, Kearns G, Abdel Rahman S. Montelukast in the treatment of duodenal eosinophilia in children with dyspepsia: effect on eosinophil density and activation in relation to pharmacokinetics. BMC Gastroenterol. 2009;9:32 pubmed publisher
    ..The mechanism of this clinical response is unknown but could involve a decrease in eosinophil density or activation...