Lilian M Were


Affiliation: Chapman University
Country: USA


  1. Liang S, Tran H, Were L. Lowering greening of cookies made from sunflower butter using acidic ingredients and effect on reducing capacity, tryptophan and protein oxidation. Food Chem. 2018;252:318-326 pubmed publisher
    ..Minimal greening with acidic ingredients can extend the application of sunflower butter as a baking ingredient without loss of free radical-scavenging capacity, or higher protein oxidation. ..
  2. Alnoumani H, Ataman Z, Were L. Lipid and protein antioxidant capacity of dried Agaricus bisporus in salted cooked ground beef. Meat Sci. 2017;129:9-19 pubmed publisher
    ..DAB's extension of shelf life was concentration dependent. Phenolic compounds had moderate to strong negative correlations with MDA up to day 10 indicating a possible role of DAB phenolics in preventing malondialdehyde production. ..
  3. Liang S, Were L. Chlorogenic acid oxidation-induced greening of sunflower butter cookies as a function of different sweeteners and storage conditions. Food Chem. 2018;241:135-142 pubmed publisher
    ..Unwanted greening can be inhibited by simply changing the liquid sweetener. ..