Goro Kuno


Affiliation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Country: USA


  1. Kuno G. Persistence of arboviruses and antiviral antibodies in vertebrate hosts: its occurrence and impacts. Rev Med Virol. 2001;11:165-90 pubmed
    ..Likewise, significant impacts are felt on diverse fields ranging from epidemiology to diagnostic virology and from veterinary medicine to agricultural commerce. Published in 2001 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ..
  2. Kuno G. Host range specificity of flaviviruses: correlation with in vitro replication. J Med Entomol. 2007;44:93-101 pubmed
    ..Thus, this assay provides useful, supplementary information regarding host range for those flaviviruses when their natural host range is unknown, ambiguous, or questionable. ..
  3. Kuno G. Research on dengue and dengue-like illness in East Asia and the Western Pacific during the First Half of the 20th century. Rev Med Virol. 2007;17:327-41 pubmed
  4. Kuno G. Universal diagnostic RT-PCR protocol for arboviruses. J Virol Methods. 1998;72:27-41 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the best pair or pairs of primers need to be selected for each virus for the second stage of the strategy...
  5. Kuno G. Transmission of arboviruses without involvement of arthropod vectors. Acta Virol. 2001;45:139-50 pubmed
    ..Despite numerous laboratory reports, the significance of this mode of transmission of arboviruses under natural conditions was rarely investigated, except for a few viruses important for veterinary medicine...
  6. Kuno G, Chang G. Biological transmission of arboviruses: reexamination of and new insights into components, mechanisms, and unique traits as well as their evolutionary trends. Clin Microbiol Rev. 2005;18:608-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, discussion of the diverse range of theories proposed and observations made by many investigators was found to be highly valuable for sorting out the possible mechanism(s) of the emergence of arboviral diseases...
  7. Kuno G, Chang G. Characterization of Sepik and Entebbe bat viruses closely related to yellow fever virus. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2006;75:1165-70 pubmed
    ..We also discuss the geographic dispersal as a part of ecological traits of this lineage of flaviviruses...
  8. Kuno G, Chang G. Full-length sequencing and genomic characterization of Bagaza, Kedougou, and Zika viruses. Arch Virol. 2007;152:687-96 pubmed publisher
    ..In the non-coding regions, it was found that a particular organizational pattern of conserved sequences in the 3' terminal region generally correlated with the current virus grouping...