Alex Huang


Affiliation: Case Western Reserve University
Country: USA


  1. Dorand R, Nthale J, Myers J, Barkauskas D, Avril S, Chirieleison S, et al. Cdk5 disruption attenuates tumor PD-L1 expression and promotes antitumor immunity. Science. 2016;353:399-403 pubmed publisher
    ..Our finding highlights a central role for Cdk5 in immune checkpoint regulation by tumor cells. ..
  2. Evans T, Barkauskas D, Myers J, Hare E, You J, Ransohoff R, et al. High-resolution intravital imaging reveals that blood-derived macrophages but not resident microglia facilitate secondary axonal dieback in traumatic spinal cord injury. Exp Neurol. 2014;254:109-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding the in vivo cellular interactions involved in secondary axonal injury may lead to clinical treatment candidates involving modulation of destructive infiltrating blood monocytes. ..