Eitan Gross


Affiliation: Case Western Reserve University
Country: USA


  1. Gross E, Abuladze N, Pushkin A, Kurtz I, Cotton C. The stoichiometry of the electrogenic sodium bicarbonate cotransporter pNBC1 in mouse pancreatic duct cells is 2 HCO(3)(-):1 Na(+). J Physiol. 2001;531:375-82 pubmed
    ..The cotransporter operates with a 2 HCO3-:1 Na+ stoichiometry in these cells, and mediates the transport of bicarbonate into the cell across the basolateral membrane. ..
  2. Gross E, Hawkins K, Abuladze N, Pushkin A, Cotton C, Hopfer U, et al. The stoichiometry of the electrogenic sodium bicarbonate cotransporter NBC1 is cell-type dependent. J Physiol. 2001;531:597-603 pubmed
    ..Moreover, the results suggest that as yet unidentified cellular factor(s) may modify the stoichiometry of these cotransporters. ..
  3. Gross E, Hawkins K, Pushkin A, Sassani P, Dukkipati R, Abuladze N, et al. Phosphorylation of Ser(982) in the sodium bicarbonate cotransporter kNBC1 shifts the HCO(3)(-) : Na(+) stoichiometry from 3 : 1 to 2 : 1 in murine proximal tubule cells. J Physiol. 2001;537:659-65 pubmed
    ..Ser(982) in the C-terminus of kNBC1 is a target for PKA phosphorylation. This is the first example of modulation of the stoichiometry of a membrane transporter by phosphorylation. ..
  4. Gross E, Pushkin A, Abuladze N, Fedotoff O, Kurtz I. Regulation of the sodium bicarbonate cotransporter kNBC1 function: role of Asp(986), Asp(988) and kNBC1-carbonic anhydrase II binding. J Physiol. 2002;544:679-85 pubmed
    ..Although CAII does not affect the transport stoichiometry, it may play an important role in enhancing the flux through the transporter when kNBC1-Ser(982) is unphosphorylated. ..
  5. Gross E, Fedotoff O, Pushkin A, Abuladze N, Newman D, Kurtz I. Phosphorylation-induced modulation of pNBC1 function: distinct roles for the amino- and carboxy-termini. J Physiol. 2003;549:673-82 pubmed
    ..The results demonstrate that phosphorylation of Ser1026 mediates the cAMP-dependent shift in the stoichiometry of pNBC1, whereas Thr49 plays an essential role in the cAMP-induced increase in GDS. ..