Dardo G Tomasi


Affiliation: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Country: USA


  1. Tomasi D, Volkow N, Wang G, Wang R, Telang F, Caparelli E, et al. Methylphenidate enhances brain activation and deactivation responses to visual attention and working memory tasks in healthy controls. Neuroimage. 2011;54:3101-10 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that MPH (presumably by amplifying dopamine and noradrenergic signaling) modulates cognition in part through its effects on DAN and DMN. ..
  2. Tomasi D, Volkow N. Gender differences in brain functional connectivity density. Hum Brain Mapp. 2012;33:849-60 pubmed publisher
    ..e., autism spectrum disorder). ..
  3. Tomasi D, Volkow N. Functional connectivity hubs in the human brain. Neuroimage. 2011;57:908-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Within and between-subject variability for gFCD were twice than that for lFCD (20% vs. 12% and 84% vs. 34%, respectively) suggesting that gFCD is more sensitive to individual differences in functional connectivity. ..
  4. Tomasi D, Volkow N. Aging and functional brain networks. Mol Psychiatry. 2012;17:471, 549-58 pubmed publisher
  5. Tomasi D, Volkow N. Resting functional connectivity of language networks: characterization and reproducibility. Mol Psychiatry. 2012;17:841-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Assessment of the intra-subject's reproducibility of this network and its characterization in individuals with language dysfunction is required to determine its potential as a biomarker for language disorders. ..
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