Genomes and Genes


Fiona McPhee


Affiliation: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Country: USA


  1. McPhee F, Ueland J, Vellucci V, Bowden S, Sievert W, Zhou N. Impact of Preexisting Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 6 NS3, NS5A, and NS5B Polymorphisms on the In Vitro Potency of Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2019;63: pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, monitoring SVR in patients infected with these GT-6 subtypes treated with NS5A drug-containing regimens is suggested to confirm any association between noted NS5A polymorphisms and treatment failure. ..
  2. Hernandez D, Yu F, Huang X, Kirov S, Pant S, McPhee F. Impact of Pre-existing NS5A-L31 or -Y93H Minor Variants on Response Rates in Patients Infected with HCV Genotype-1b Treated with Daclatasvir/Asunaprevir. Adv Ther. 2016;33:1169-79 pubmed publisher
    ..This study was sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb. identifier: NCT01497834. ..
  3. McPhee F, Sheaffer A, Friborg J, Hernandez D, Falk P, Zhai G, et al. Preclinical Profile and Characterization of the Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protease Inhibitor Asunaprevir (BMS-650032). Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2012;56:5387-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these virologic and exposure properties, ASV holds promise for future utility in a combination with other anti-HCV agents in the treatment of HCV-infected patients. ..
  4. McPhee F, Suzuki Y, Toyota J, Karino Y, Chayama K, Kawakami Y, et al. High Sustained Virologic Response to Daclatasvir Plus Asunaprevir in Elderly and Cirrhotic Patients with Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1b Without Baseline NS5A Polymorphisms. Adv Ther. 2015;32:637-49 pubmed publisher
    ..Bristol-Myers Squibb. ..
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    Zhou N, Han Z, Hartman Neumann S, Degray B, Ueland J, Vellucci V, et al. Characterization of NS5A polymorphisms and their impact on response rates in patients with HCV genotype 2 treated with daclatasvir-based regimens. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2016;71:3495-3505 pubmed
    ..High SVR rates were achieved in patients infected with GT2 treated with daclatasvir-based regimens irrespective of GT2 subtype or baseline NS5A polymorphisms. ..
  6. Bartolini B, Giombini E, Taibi C, Lionetti R, Montalbano M, Visco Comandini U, et al. Characterization of Naturally Occurring NS5A and NS5B Polymorphisms in Patients Infected with HCV Genotype 3a Treated with Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents. Viruses. 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest a potential impact of these novel substitutions on the treatment outcome; however, their significance requires further investigation. ..