Affiliation: Boston University
Country: USA


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    ..Our results reveal a role for lysosomal machinery acting at the plasma membrane to cause the death of neighboring cells, providing insight into mechanisms driving non-autonomous cell death. ..
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    ..These and other examples discussed here demonstrate the versatility of Drosophila as a model organism for elucidating the diverse modes of programmed cell death. ..
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    ..These examples of cell death in the fly ovary share many similarities to the types of cell death seen in the mammalian germline. Recent progress in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of cell death in the germline is discussed. ..
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    ..LysoTracker labels highly acidified compartments, marking phagolysosomes. Together these labels can be used to mark the progression of engulfment in Drosophila follicle cells. ..
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    ..melanogaster, and demonstrates a role for Eato in Drpr accumulation and phagocytic membrane extensions during NC clearance in the ovary. ..
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    ..This review highlights recent findings from C. elegans, yeast, Dictyostelium, Drosophila, and mammals that collectively provide evidence for conserved mechanisms of necrosis. ..
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    ..This study also establishes the epithelial follicle cells of the Drosophila ovary as a powerful model for understanding the molecular changes required for engulfment by a polarized epithelium. ..
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    ..Developmental PCD in the Drosophila ovary is an intriguing example of nonapoptotic, nonautonomous PCD, providing insight on the diversity of cell death mechanisms. ..
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    ..Our data indicate that corpses persist because of defective degradation of cells rather than recognition of dead cells. ..