Alton G Swennes


Affiliation: Baylor College of Medicine
Country: USA


  1. Yu D, Gadkari M, Zhou Q, Yu S, Gao N, Guan Y, et al. Postnatal epigenetic regulation of intestinal stem cells requires DNA methylation and is guided by the microbiome. Genome Biol. 2015;16:211 pubmed publisher
  2. Wang C, Zaheer M, Bian F, Quach D, Swennes A, Britton R, et al. Sjögren-Like Lacrimal Keratoconjunctivitis in Germ-Free Mice. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, manipulation of intestinal commensal bacteria has the potential to become a novel therapeutic approach to treat Sjögren Syndrome. ..