Research Topics

Michael D Wendt


Affiliation: Abbott Laboratories
Country: USA


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    Wendt M, Rockway T, Geyer A, McClellan W, Weitzberg M, Zhao X, et al. Identification of novel binding interactions in the development of potent, selective 2-naphthamidine inhibitors of urokinase. Synthesis, structural analysis, and SAR of N-phenyl amide 6-substitution. J Med Chem. 2004;47:303-24 pubmed
    ..In combination with our exploration of 8-substitution patterns, we have identified a number of novel binding interactions for uPA inhibitors. ..
  2. Wendt M. Discovery of ABT-263, a Bcl-family protein inhibitor: observations on targeting a large protein-protein interaction. Expert Opin Drug Discov. 2008;3:1123-43 pubmed publisher
    ..The example of ABT-263 provides evidence that the larger family of PPI targets is more tractable than may have been thought. ..