Research Topics

A S Muerhoff


Affiliation: Abbott Laboratories
Country: USA


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    Muerhoff A, Simons J, Erker J, Desai S, Mushahwar I. Identification of conserved nucleotide sequences within the GB virus C 5'-untranslated region: design of PCR primers for detection of viral RNA. J Virol Methods. 1996;62:55-62 pubmed
    ..We describe the design and testing of PCR primers derived from conserved sequences within the 5'-UTR of the GBV-C genome. These primers were shown to be as effective as the helicase-derived primers in detecting GBV-C RNA in human sera. ..
  2. Muerhoff A, Smith D, Leary T, Erker J, Desai S, Mushahwar I. Identification of GB virus C variants by phylogenetic analysis of 5'-untranslated and coding region sequences. J Virol. 1997;71:6501-8 pubmed
    ..Hence, substitutions at many nucleotide positions are not tolerated, so that substitutions at the positions which can change are saturated, thereby obscuring the evolutionary relationships. ..