Leonor Thomson


Affiliation: Facultad de Ciencias
Country: Uruguay


  1. Cataldo N, Musetti B, Celano L, Carabio C, Cassina A, Cerecetto H, et al. Inhibition of LDL oxidation and inflammasome assembly by nitroaliphatic derivatives. Potential use as anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic agents. Eur J Med Chem. 2018;159:178-186 pubmed publisher
    ..Although the formation of foam cells in the presence of oxidized-LDL (oxLDL) remained unaffected, the molecules containing the dimethylamino moiety were able to decrease the expression of IL-1β in LPS/INF-γ challenged macrophages. ..
  2. Orrico F, Möller M, Cassina A, Denicola A, Thomson L. Kinetic and stoichiometric constraints determine the pathway of H2O2 consumption by red blood cells. Free Radic Biol Med. 2018;121:231-239 pubmed publisher
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    Celano L, Cupertino Da Silva Y, Cataldo N, Gabay M, Merlino A, Alexandre Moreira M, et al. Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Arylnitroalkenes. Inflamm Allergy Drug Targets. 2015;14:19-28 pubmed
    ..The absence of toxicity and mutagenicity of the compounds was also demonstrated. ..
  4. Amen F, Machin A, Touriño C, Rodríguez I, Denicola A, Thomson L. N-acetylcysteine improves the quality of red blood cells stored for transfusion. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2017;621:31-37 pubmed publisher