Genomes and Genes


P N R Usherwood


Affiliation: University of Nottingham
Country: UK


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    Usherwood P, Vais H, Khambay B, Davies T, Williamson M. Sensitivity of the Drosophila para sodium channel to DDT is not lowered by the super-kdr mutation M918T on the IIS4-S5 linker that profoundly reduces sensitivity to permethrin and deltamethrin. FEBS Lett. 2005;579:6317-25 pubmed
    ..We conclude that DDT binds either to or in the region of L1014 on IIS6 but only weakly to M918 on the IIS4-S5 linker, which is part of a high-affinity binding site for permethrin and deltamethrin. ..
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    Usherwood P, Davies T, Mellor I, O Reilly A, Peng F, Vais H, et al. Mutations in DIIS5 and the DIIS4-S5 linker of Drosophila melanogaster sodium channel define binding domains for pyrethroids and DDT. FEBS Lett. 2007;581:5485-92 pubmed
    ..DDT potency was unaffected by M918T, but abolished by T929I and reduced by L925I, L932F and I936V, suggesting that DIIS5 contains at least part of the DDT binding domain. The data support a computer model of pyrethroid and DDT binding. ..