Caroline L Trotter


Affiliation: University of Cambridge
Country: UK


  1. Hampson K, Abela Ridder B, Bharti O, Knopf L, Lechenne M, Mindekem R, et al. Modelling to inform prophylaxis regimens to prevent human rabies. Vaccine. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..PrEP is highly unlikely to be an efficient use of resources and should therefore only be considered in extreme circumstances, where the incidence of rabies exposures is extremely high. ..
  2. Giorgakoudi K, O Sullivan C, Heath P, Ladhani S, Lamagni T, Ramsay M, et al. Cost-effectiveness analysis of maternal immunisation against group B Streptococcus (GBS) disease: A modelling study. Vaccine. 2018;36:7033-7042 pubmed publisher
    ..A key limitation is that the properties of the final GBS vaccine are unknown. Maternal GBS immunisation is expected to be cost-effective, even at a relatively high vaccine price. ..
  3. Batista Ferrer H, Audrey S, Trotter C, Hickman M. An appraisal of theoretical approaches to examining behaviours in relation to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination of young women. Prev Med. 2015;81:122-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the small number of studies using such approach, combined with the importance of these factors in predicting behaviour, more research in this area is warranted. ..
  4. Trotter C, Cibrelus L, Fernandez K, Lingani C, Ronveaux O, Stuart J. Response thresholds for epidemic meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa following the introduction of MenAfriVac®. Vaccine. 2015;33:6212-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Once the meningitis epidemic threshold is crossed, it is of critical importance that vaccination campaigns, where appropriate, are initiated rapidly. ..
  5. Christensen H, Irving T, Koch J, Trotter C, Ultsch B, Weidemann F, et al. Epidemiological impact and cost-effectiveness of universal vaccination with Bexsero(®) to reduce meningococcal group B disease in Germany. Vaccine. 2016;34:3412-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the current very low incidence of MenB disease in Germany, universal vaccination with Bexsero(®) would prevent only a small absolute number of cases, at a high overall cost. ..
  6. Christensen H, Trotter C. Modelling the cost-effectiveness of catch-up 'MenB' (Bexsero) vaccination in England. Vaccine. 2017;35:208-211 pubmed publisher
    ..Employing the current criteria for assessing vaccines, our models suggest that even with low vaccine prices only catch-up vaccination in 1year old children could be cost-effective, when considered incrementally on the infant programme. ..
  7. Trotter C, Lingani C, Fernandez K, Cooper L, Bita A, Tevi Benissan C, et al. Impact of MenAfriVac in nine countries of the African meningitis belt, 2010-15: an analysis of surveillance data. Lancet Infect Dis. 2017;17:867-872 pubmed publisher
    ..It is important to continue strengthening surveillance to monitor vaccine performance and remain vigilant against threats from other meningococcal serogroups and other pathogens. World Health Organization. ..
  8. Diallo K, Gamougam K, Daugla D, Harrison O, Bray J, Caugant D, et al. Hierarchical genomic analysis of carried and invasive serogroup A Neisseria meningitidis during the 2011 epidemic in Chad. BMC Genomics. 2017;18:398 pubmed publisher