Genomes and Genes


Kehinde Ross


Affiliation: University of Newcastle
Country: UK


  1. Ross K, Parker G, Whitaker M, Reynolds N. Inhibition of calcium-independent phospholipase A impairs agonist-induced calcium entry in keratinocytes. Br J Dermatol. 2008;158:31-7 pubmed
    ..2 mmol L(-1). Our results demonstrate for the first time an important role for iPLA(2) in regulating ACE in primary human keratinocytes. ..
  2. Ross K, Whitaker M, Reynolds N. Agonist-induced calcium entry correlates with STIM1 translocation. J Cell Physiol. 2007;211:569-76 pubmed
    ..Thus by differentially regulating store-refilling after agonist-mediated depletion, LPA and UTP may exert distinct effects on the duration of STIM1 localization at the plasma membrane, and thus, on the magnitude and duration of ACE. ..