Joo Hyeon Lee


Affiliation: University of Cambridge
Country: UK


  1. Choi J, Iich E, Lee J. Organogenesis of adult lung in a dish: Differentiation, disease and therapy. Dev Biol. 2016;420:278-286 pubmed publisher
    ..Advantages and limitations of organoids for clinical use are also discussed. ..
  2. Lee J, Tammela T, Hofree M, Choi J, Marjanovic N, Han S, et al. Anatomically and Functionally Distinct Lung Mesenchymal Populations Marked by Lgr5 and Lgr6. Cell. 2017;170:1149-1163.e12 pubmed publisher
    ..This identification of region- and lineage-specific crosstalk between epithelium and their neighboring mesenchymal partners provides new understanding of how different cell types are maintained in the adult lung. ..
  3. Lee J, Rawlins E. Developmental mechanisms and adult stem cells for therapeutic lung regeneration. Dev Biol. 2018;433:166-176 pubmed publisher
    ..We discuss the normal endogenous processes of lung development, homeostatic maintenance and repair and consider the research strategies required for the development of methods for human therapeutic lung regeneration. ..