Malcolm A Halcrow


Affiliation: University of Leeds
Country: UK


  1. Capel Berdiell I, Warriner S, Halcrow M. Silver(i) complexes of bis- and tris-(pyrazolyl)azine derivatives - dimers, coordination polymers and a pentametallic assembly. Dalton Trans. 2018;47:5269-5278 pubmed publisher
    ..Most of the tpt and bpt structures include short anionπ contacts to the ligand triazinyl rings. Electrospray mass spectra confirm the oligomeric nature of the Ag/tpym and tpt complexes in MeNO2 solution. ..
  2. Loughrey J, Patmore N, Baldansuren A, Fielding A, McInnes E, Hardie M, et al. Platinum(ii) complexes of mixed-valent radicals derived from cyclotricatechylene, a macrocyclic tris-dioxolene. Chem Sci. 2015;6:6935-6948 pubmed publisher
    ..DF and time-dependent DF calculations confirm these interpretations, and demonstrate changes to spin-delocalisation in the ctc macrocycle as it is sequentially oxidised. ..
  3. Greatorex S, Vincent K, Baldansuren A, McInnes E, Patmore N, Sproules S, et al. Rigidification of a macrocyclic tris-catecholate scaffold leads to electronic localisation of its mixed valent redox product. Chem Commun (Camb). 2019;55:2281-2284 pubmed publisher
    ..This contrasts with previously reported [{Pt(dppb)}3(μ3-ctc˙)]+ (H6ctc = cyclotricatechylene), based on the same macrocyclic tris-dioxolene scaffold, which exhibits partly delocalised (class II) mixed valency. ..
  4. Kershaw Cook L, Fisher J, Harding L, Halcrow M. An iron(ii) spin-crossover metallacycle from a back-to-back bis-[dipyrazolylpyridine]. Dalton Trans. 2015;44:9417-25 pubmed publisher
    ..The similarity of these equilibria implies there is little cooperativity between the iron centres in the metallacyclic structures. ..
  5. Cook L, Kulmaczewski R, Céspedes O, Halcrow M. Different Spin-State Behaviors in Isostructural Solvates of a Molecular Iron(II) Complex. Chemistry. 2016;22:1789-99 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, the percentage change in unit cell volume during SCO for the most cooperative material, 1â‹…MeCN, is 10 times smaller than for the other 1â‹…solv crystals. ..
  6. Kulmaczewski R, Trzop E, Kershaw Cook L, Collet E, Chastanet G, Halcrow M. The role of symmetry breaking in the structural trapping of light-induced excited spin states. Chem Commun (Camb). 2017;53:13268-13271 pubmed publisher
    ..A complicated relationship between their spin-crossover T1/2 and T(LIESST) values may reflect low-temperature thermal and light-induced symmetry breaking, which is shown by one of the compounds but not by two others. ..
  7. Kershaw Cook L, Kulmaczewski R, Mohammed R, Dudley S, Barrett S, Little M, et al. A Unified Treatment of the Relationship Between Ligand Substituents and Spin State in a Family of Iron(II) Complexes. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2016;55:4327-31 pubmed publisher
    ..DFT calculations reproduce these disparate trends, which arise from competing influences of pyridyl and pyrazolyl ligand substituents on Fe-L σ and π bonding. ..